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Photo Story / Art

Willem Boshoff / The artist’s apprentice

Stopping at Willem Boshoff’s studio, you are met with the sound of grinding and drilling and sawing, with puffs of smoke and dust billowing through the doors and windows of the workshop. Anticipation rises, because you know that this day is going to be like a private performance art piece…

Book Review

Zakes Mda / The Sculptors of Mapungubwe

The Sculptors of Mapungubwe is a story of forbidden love, a political drama, a family soap opera and a bit of a history lesson, all wrapped into one Zakes Mda masterpiece. Though this story is set 1000 years ago in a pre-colonial Africa, with different cultural value systems,  social orders…

Photo Story / Art

Burnise Silvius / Prima Ballerina Joburg Ballet

I remember being a little girl in my mom’s ballet studio in the winter, with the freezing floor beneath my feet, the smell of resin in the air and the echo of the classical music playing under her voice shouting instructions… pull up your tummy, lengthen your neck, drop you…

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